I love animals. All of them. Have furry friends that you want to include in your session? Bring them along! 

I have two children: a girl and a boy, thunderstorm and sunshine. Watching their personalities grow and the beautiful relationship develop between them is one of the best things in my life. 

Travel and adventuring feeds my soul. I love discovering and exploring new places. I especially love urban exploring and finding abandoned “creepy” places. Want to shoot in a unique location? I'm there. 

I spend a lot of time trying to reconcile “Tired Mom” with “Inspired Artist” and working to find grace for myself when “Tired Mom” wins out. 

I’ve been telling visual stories my whole life and I feel lucky that I landed in a career where I get to do what I love. From emotive family sessions to photos that bring to life the brands of hardworking entrepreneurs in our community, I’m here for it all. Thank you for trusting me with your memories. 

Your heart-felt Family, Maternity, 
& Branding Photographer

I'm Chandra


've met some of my best friends while drinking tequila on patios and I fall in love with the families who are a little bit weird and a little bit wild - so never feel like you have to be anything other than your amazing self in front of my camera.


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A snapshot into my life

*Some photos by Michelle Rodriguez, Stephanie Kerner Watkins, Matt Wafaie and Jade Brookbank

Maybe it's because I grew up in a land-locked state (Colorado), but I can never get over the beauty and magic of our Southern California beaches. I'll take every opportunity I can get to shoot sessions there and catch one more sunset over the Pacific Ocean. 

The Beach

There is nothing more authentic to me than photos of your family, in your space, doing your thing. All of the perfectly imperfect, captured forever -- so that someday, you and your kids can look back at those photos and say, "Remember our treehouse? Remember the that toy? Remember our garden?" 

Your Backyard

My Favorite Locations

Chandra is the best photographer I've ever worked with. We've now had our family photos done twice with her and I couldn't possibly be happier. Chandra has a natural ability to evoke calm and ease in a photoshoot; she has perfect cues to help you figure out what to do and enough guidance to help you enjoy your time with your family to really get quality photos that speak and paint a feeling and story.

Chandra has great locations that she scouts and is a wizard with using natural light to her advantage. The feeling and stories in the images really look like she captured private moments and paint this heartwarming result that is something I've never experienced before. I'm overwhelmed looking at her photos trying to choose my favorites because there are so many. I'm so impressed and completely thrilled about our experience.

Carolina F.

Hiring Chandra to photograph our micro wedding was the best decision ever. We purposely sought out a family photographer because we wanted the photographs to capture the love and joy of an intimate family event, and they did just that. I am quite an awkward person, but the silly prompts she used for my husband and I resulted in the loveliest, most natural photos that captured the happiness we felt with each other that day. Other than being an extremely talented photographer, she's also very professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend her.

Jean c.

Chandra has been taking our family pictures for years, and everytime she captures something I've never seen before. She goes out of her way to scout the best locations, the best lighting, the best time of day; she works overtime on every aspect of producing stunning photography.

She has great communication through the whole process (seeking input and offering ideas) and a very fast turn around time. She's the best out there.

Sol D.

I have had two amazing experiences with Chandra Wicke Photography. I have a kids clothing company and she has done two photo shoots for my company. First of all, her work is absolutely beautiful, magical and amazing. She is very talented at photography and takes quality photographs that really capture the feeling of each moment. It is a gift to have that kind of sensibility.

Additionally, she is so communicative and responsive. She organizes all of the details, she responds to any questions really fast. She is so reliable and professional. Finally, she is a genuinely kind, friendly and fun person to work with! I can’t recommend her enough. You will enjoy the process and be amazed by the photographs in the end!

Leah B.

Your slideshow brought me tears of joy. Thank you for giving me the best birthday present any mother could ask for. I was laughing out loud and emotional all at the same time. I told my husband that I love these photos and the thought of Max looking at them in 10, 20, 30 years from now brings me tears of joy. THANK YOU! I am literally crying right now.

Grace L.

I feel so lucky to have worked with Chandra! She's an extremely talented photographer, and a gem of a human to boot. My office recently worked with her to take professional head shots of our team, and the experience couldn't have been better. She is warm, friendly, and personable and made everyone (even those of us who hate getting our pictures taken) feel comfortable right away. She took her time to make sure to find the perfect lighting, suggested poses to us that were flattering and felt natural, and showed us her work for feedback throughout the shoot. I can't suggest her enough. Thank you so much, Chandra!

Tasha m.

I booked Chandra to take my author photos, photos for my website, and general stock photos I can use for my newsletter and social media. I spoke to a few photographers, but chose Chandra because she was very detailed and organized. I was impressed that she came to our meeting prepared and had read my writing so she knew the kind of writer I am. We had an in-person meeting to discuss the day of the shoot. The actual shoot was a lot of fun—and busy because I had asked for photos with me, my family, my two pugs, and one cat. Chandra got it all and made everyone, even the kiddos laugh. I'm so happy with the entire process from start to finish. Her photos turned out fantastic. I can't wait to use them!

Jennifer c.

We had a business branding session with Chandra Wicke Photography and she is truly a gem in a landscape often saturated with photographers. Easy to work with, excellent communication, took her time to really get a feel for our business, our image, and who we are as individuals. Not only was the entire process seamless but she was so personable and engaging as an artist. She had us laughing and completely at ease within minutes. Our images turned out truly beautiful. She elevated our art by carefully crafting her own to make us shine. She uses light thoughtfully and masterfully. Her work is flawless. Her communication is impeccable. Truly a professional. Cannot wait to hire her again as our business grows.

Jess c.

Chandra's pictures are undoubtedly a beautiful symphony of light, background, and subjects. However, her pictures go beyond. They offer something more than a flattering snapshot of the "I" and "you." Chandra captures "the we", the connection between partners, family members, and friends. Her pictures weave a beautiful narrative of love that showcases the authentic and even messy moments that make life fun and put the hard times in perspective.

N. V.


You Deserve something beautiful

Parenthood is a beautiful paradox — joyful and heartbreaking and grueling and wonderful all at the same time — sometimes all of those things in the span of a few minutes. You know all about the hard parts. Let me photograph the beautiful parts for you — the snuggles and the belly laughs and the moments that you never want to forget and will always want to look back on.

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